Online casinos have shown a huge surge in popularity since their introduction around ten years ago. This development has been controversial in several countries, mainly in the United States and some regions of Europe, where inflexible gambling regulations have been enacted in an effort to prevent their citizens from becoming involved in online gambling activities. . In almost all cases, these regulations have failed to achieve their objectives; rather, they have only managed to push online gambling underground.

It is well known that gambling has always been a part of human civilization and has played an important role in entertainment. The popularity of gambling has never faded, but it has increased more and more. However, with the development of gambling, there have always been discussions to prohibit or regulate it. Eventually, in most cases, governments gave up their efforts to ban gambling and instead used it as a source of income by taxing it. Currently in the United States they are coming to realize that hundreds of millions of potential tax dollars are being wasted driving online gambling underground.

Online casinos have come a long way in trying to offer their players a more like a real casino atmosphere. They provide their members with a wide variety of games; including, many of the classic games such as blackjack, baccarat and different versions of poker. Also available are slots and video games such as traditional casino games such as roulette.

Since the debut of online casinos, there have been many technological developments in machines, communications and software. In the beginning, gamers were faced with slow computers with limited memory, problems with slow and unreliable Internet connections and software, limited by the physical resources it had to run on. Today, gamers are able to enjoy surprisingly sophisticated computers with high bandwidth access to constant internet service. As a result, players are able to run very complicated software and online casinos have made substantial use of it, especially in the way that casinos have introduced graphically superior gaming features.

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